Garima Tiwari

Product Leader @ Microsoft | Ex-Amazon | Women in Product | Product Coach|3XMom

Product Leader @ Microsoft | Ex-Amazon | Women in Product | Product Coach|3XMom


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Hello friends, I strongly believe that the world becomes a better place when we share our experiences and knowledge with others without expecting anything in return. And I would love to have the opportunity to listen and provide value by sharing my perspectives and experiences. I am an experienced professional with about 20+ years of experience and currently working as Senior Product manager in employee experience product space. I immigrated from India to pursue my Master's in Computer science and have been fortunate to work in various industries from consulting, retail, telecom, finance, public sector, and technology and different roles. I've made multiple career transitions -- from development, quality assurance, DevOps to program management to tech program management and then to product management. I have been in product management space for several years and have fun failing and learning along the way. I've managed large global ops teams and also smaller product teams. I've worked at the big tech giants (Amazon, Mastercard, Wolters Kluwer) and feel blessed that I met great mentors along the way. My style starts by focusing on you. Everyone is different. We all have our strengths and our areas for development. I want to understand what drives you, what makes you tick before I dive into providing guidance. Creating an action plan is easy but I care more about helping you grow and achieve your goals -- that requires understanding who you are. I’d love to put my experience to good use by helping you reach your goals and navigate the messy world of product and career. Areas where I can help provide mentorship: 1. Transitioning into product management. Whichever function you're transitioning from, I'll work with you to identify your strengths that will help you make a compelling case for the transition and identify specific steps that you should take 2. Resume review and preparing for PM interviews. I can provide resume feedback, run mock interviews with you and game plan your overall application and interview process. 3. Growing as a manager. If you're new to people management or wanting to grow as a leader, we can work together to talk through various leader challenges (managing a difficult IC, learning how to empower rather than micromanage, giving difficult feedback). Cheers! Garima

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