Kritika Bhargava

Product Manager @ Amazon | IIT Kanpur | Cornell

Product Manager @ Amazon | IIT Kanpur | Cornell

About Me

Hi, welcome to my studio! Kritika is a currently Product Leader in Amazon’s Topline Forecasting team partnering with AI/ML Scientists, Economists, Business and Engineering leaders to build and fine-tune large scale production models for forecasting demand for products sold on Amazon marketplaces ($XXXBn in Gross Sales) serving as a critical starting point for operational, financial and business planning across Amazon. She’s had an enriching and eclectic 10 year career working in top-tier Strategy Consulting, Start-ups and now in Big Tech. Kritika lives with her partner in San Francisco, she loves running on the Embarcadero, playing Pickleball and reading all things product. Her top goals for 2023 are to complete reading a new book every two weeks.

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