Mahesh Keswani

Enabling technologists to make transformational shifts

Enabling technologists to make transformational shifts


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About Me

I was born and raised in Pune, India. I had the privilege to grow up with my grandfather, a Sufi saint, from whom I received all my teachings around mindfulness, faith and trust in something bigger than myself. I studied Computer Engineering in India, and came to the States to work. My professional journey over decades has evolved from Technology Consulting for Fortune Companies and start-ups to taking tour duties in Product, Architecture and Engineering at a FinTech Company in the Bay Area. I have been through the experiences of transitioning from a highly performing individual contributor to a people manager, building highly performing teams, receiving and working on feedback around showing-up, speaking-up, dealing with conflicts, decision making, and so on. Upon confronting these challenges, my innate seeking for the past 5 years has led me to acquire certifications from top-tier coaching institutions—Newfield Network, Conscious Leadership Group, and Strozzi Somatics (currently enrolled). I have spent 100’s of hours doing my practice. Some of this time goes to learning: whether that means being coached, engaging in therapy sessions, or attending workshops with certified coaches and facilitators. The rest of this time entails actually coaching a variety of people in the field of technology—engineers, engineering managers, product managers, program managers, and senior leaders. I enjoy learning about the mysteries of the human condition and putting these learnings on the mat daily. I am also on my own journey of healing and transformation. I like to support people to clearly see how they are showing up in the world, develop compassion for themselves, and take radical responsibility for what matters the most to them. So, if you’d like to witness your experiences, learn about your inner self, and tap into your innate wisdom, then let’s connect to see how I can be a co-voyager in your journey…

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