60 mins of goodness with Gilli Aliotti as your executive, leadership, success or career coach, or consultation providing expertise. 


Gilli coaches leaders, executives, creatives, individuals and entrepreneurs to become passion leaders. Gilli is your success coach.

There is always a position available in our lives called "coach",  whether it be to help YOU with your career, with your leadership, to build an idea, to startup a business, or expand your creative passion. All of these start with a goal, or several.

A coach can take you where you are today to where you want to be, all the while keeping you accountable, providing support, resources and strategies along the way to get there. Gilli's Coaching Model is tailored around you, and where you are at, building in strategies and goals to help you take you to new heights.

About Gilli Aliotti

Gilli is a dynamic communicator and creator with bright ideas and vision, coupled with an uncanny ability to execute anything, anywhere, in a big way. She has lived her whole life outside the box as a creative and digital disrupter. Efficiency expert, Executive Business & Leadership Success Coach, Tech & Media Fortune 500 Leader (Google, Yahoo, Paramount, PayPal Disney), Startup Creative Entrepreneur, and Executive MBA Graduate, Gilli operates at the cutting edge of the Media, Technology & Entertainment industries​.  An accomplished Senior Executive and thought-leader in operational excellence, organizational lean-agile transformation and strategic leadership with 25 years of success across technology, media, entertainment and learning, Gilli is a pioneer in the digital space, a cultural technology expert, a community creator, a voice for the unspoken, and an experienced consultant - and this combination is the bow to your arrow.

​As a certified Master Business Executive "Success" Coach, Gilli is focused on coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations on building agility, sustainable development systems and frameworks at scale and leadership capabilities, and believes to build the best products and business it is imperative to power positive and inclusive culture. How people are empowered and enabled to work well together is the secret to successfully achieving key business outcomes. Gilli is the embodiment of self-empowerment and coaches others to harness their unique talents and fuel their greatness. For individuals, also as a certified Life Coach, she provides career and mindset coaching to navigate the most prickly situations, transitions and ultimately dream-chasing. When you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

You will be invited to schedule 1 private consult with gilli, where we will work on identifying and targeting various goals that we will build together, working directly with Gilli as your "success coach". This session is scheduled mutually at days and times that suit and are conducted all online (Zoom or Google Meet) from the comfort of your own space. Sessions cover, really, everything and anything you would like to work on, and can be goals or career related, or actions you'd like to be kept accountable for, by coaching. It can also be consultancy in a particular field or specialty that Gilli offers.  This type of coaching is designed for individuals and not companies. Please contact Gilli directly for details on that at [email protected]

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