Calling all Passion Leaders! Coach with Gilli and achieve your goals in 6 weeks or less

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Hello Outside-The-Box Dreamer!

Thanks for your interest in working with me, and your desire to achieve your goals,.... and I'll up the anty on that... achive your goals in....drum roll....  6 weeks or less. Yeah! I said it!

You may have signed up because you are curious about this very tangible challenge.... achieving your goals....

Or you have shared a unique interest in working with me one-on-one.

Either way you are here and I'm going to send you details on how we can rock n roll together. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Tired of feeling stuck?
  • Want to achieve incredibly ambitious goals but not sure the steps?
  • Are you a driven individual and want to ignite your passions to become center-stage?
  • Do you feel REALLY GOOD when you think about the things you REALLY LOVE to do, but just don't have time for them?
  • Have you had a burning desire most of your life to do something amazing but just don't know where to start?
  • Are you ready to quit your day job and do something you really love to do, but worried you won't have money to pay the bills? 
  • Or do you aspire to seek a level/seniority in your job but don’t know how to get there?
  • Are you doing something else than what you feel you were meant to be doing, but you feel stuck?
  • Have you been recently laid off from what you thought was your dream/life job?
  • Do you have a great idea for a business, product, brand or creative project, but just don't know what to do to kickstart?
  • Do you want to be a passion leader but just don't know how to 'own' your leadership? (And what is passion leadership anyway?)


WHERE…… TO…….  NEXT……..?

Well I'm here to tell you that all of the above, or some of the above, is enough to want more, live more, desire more, and achieve more.

gilliicon Hi, I'm Gilli and I am a certified Master Business Executive "Success" Coach.

I help leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, individuals, and organizations become passion leaders.

I ’m also an Aussie, creative Artist, Author, Community Builder, Strategic Business Leader for over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies and Startups across Entertainment, technology & media; Speaker, and self-defined EntreprenHer.


Oh, plus, I’m a mother of twin 10 year olds.You can read more about me here in another window.

I'm passionate about helping people reach their full potential and achieve their goals. I believe that everyone has the power to create their own success, and I want to help you tap into your passion leadership.

Please watch the video below to learn about working with me, and how I may help you achieve your goals in 6 weeks or less, by sharing how I work with you to become a passion leader. 

Watch the video above to learn about my 6 Week Activation to Level up your mastery and fuel your greatness in life, creativity and career as a passion leader. Watch the Video Above.

  • 6 x private consults/one-on-one Weekly success coaching sessions with Gilli 
  • Direct feedback 24/7 communication for questions and feedback along the way 
  • Achieve Tangible Goals in 6 weeks or less
  • PLUS you get these BONUSES
    • Free Seat at my monthly hosted online Group Workshops with other passion leaders to fuel your journey for a FULL YEAR 
    • paid subscription to amazing inspiring content, blogs and podcasts for a FULL YEAR 
    • Free to you - 'Attract Like a Magnet' video-on-demand course which you can take in your own time and at your own pace 

Who is This For?

theCrea8ve Mastermind offers a life-changing 6 weeks for:

  • Executives: I help CEOs, COOs, and other senior leaders develop their leadership skills, improve their communication and decision-making, fine-tune productivity & operations, and build high-performing teams. 
  • Startup Executives: I help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, develop their business plans, and build their teams for highest, and fastest, ROI.
  • Creatives: I help creative entrepreneurs develop their creative businesses, build their brands, and market their products and services.
  • Individuals: I help individuals set and achieve their goals, overcome challenges, achieve career success, and live their best lives pursuing their life passions.

I help you transform, scale and succeed and become a passion LEADER in everything you do, touch or create.  It's as simple as that.

About Me

I have worked for over 20 years at the cutting edge of Media, Technology and Entertainment industries as an accomplished Senior Executive and thought-leader in operational excellence, organizational lean-agile transformation and strategic leadership. From Fortune 500 companies such as Google, PayPal, Paramount, CBS, Yahoo and Disney, to Startups run by maverick entrepreneurs, from the Black Eyes Peas, Eric Idle from Monty Python, and even Placido Domingo, I have launched big projects, products and brands across global stages. Talking about stages, apart from my leadership and transformation success in the corporate world, I happen to also have lived my life in equal full throttle as an artist. Yes, I have 8 music albums to my name, and have toured with the world and performed on many, many stages.  All through this, I have two amazing 10 year old twins which I've raised with my husband split between Los Angeles USA and Sydney, Australia. (Yes, I still have my Aussie accent even after 23 years in the States!)

I'm always thinking outside the box, pioneering in the digital space - I was one of the earliest adopters on the Internet when no one was building websites - I was!), building amazing people cultures and communities in organizations, and launching awesome products including Paramount+ (ya know, that recently amazing Streaming App), AI integrated earphones, music apps, LMS learning platforms for songwriters, SaaS ordering and payment technology, and most recently, worked in Google Maps and google Earth at Google.

The Sustainability ethos has always been front and center for me, and part of me wants to save the planet (actually I grew up in Australia on a mountain on Solar power!) and the other half of me says - HOW CAN I HELP OTHERS in the way I know how? Welll, I have also cut my teeth as a consultant and coach, with all the certifications and an MBA to boot. It is this passion for coaching others and seeing their success shine, that brings me here to you today. You see, I've recently launched theCrea8ve, which powers entrepreneurs and creatives to become passion leaders to launch brilliant ideas, monetize passions and unlock creative solutions to fuel greatness at full throttle without regrets.  And PASSION is the secret ingredient. I want you to not only feel that yourself, but live and breathe it. I want you to know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. But it takes 2 things.

One: belief.
Two: grit.

​And as a certified Master Business Executive "Success" Coach, I am passionate about coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations to fuel their greatness. When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with me in theCrea8ve Mastermind:

  • I am the ultimate left and right brain thinker. I live outside the box, and this is the bow to your arrow: I have over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, as well as in the startup and creative industries. I began as a Musician with 8 albums and toured globally. I also rose the ranks in the technology and media industry to SVP leading up to 170 reports across 3000 person organizations. [Paramount, CBS, Google, Yahoo, Disney] 
  • I'm a certified Master Business Executive "Success" Coach, Agile Coach, Six Sigma, and life coach, + MBA - I have my Creds... and I'm passionate about helping people and organizations achieve their goals.
  • I'm a results-oriented coach, and often called a CEO Whisperer, whether you are a CEO in a corporation, a small Startup, or your side hustle, creative career.
  • I'm a great listener, and have committed my life to helping others achieve their highest potential.  I don't know why. It is just who I am. It's my 'calling'.

There is always a position available in our lives called "coach",  whether it be to help YOU with your career, with your leadership, to build an idea, to startup a business, or expand your creative passion. All of these start with a goal, or several.

A coach can take you where you are today to where you want to be, all the while keeping you accountable, providing support, resources and strategies along the way to get there. Gilli's Coaching Model is tailored around you, and where you are at, building in strategies and goals to help you take you to new heights.


  1. You will be invited to schedule 6 private consults with gilli, where we will work on identifying and targeting various goals that we will build together. We will conduct each session once a week, and culminate in the final, 6th, session in the 6th week. This is the heart of the Mastermind, working directly with Gilli as your "success coach". These sessions are scheduled mutually at days and times that suit and are completed within a 6 months range (max) and are conducted all online (Zoom or Google Meet) from the comfort of your own space. Sessions cover, really, everything and anything you would like to work on, and can be goals or career related, or actions you'd like to be kept accountable for, by coaching. It can also be consultancy in a particular field or specialty that Gilli offers.  This type of coaching is designed for individuals and not companies. Please contact Gilli directly for details on company training at [email protected]
  2. Beyond the 6 weeks, as part of the bonuses - You will be invited to attend Workshops and mastermind calls each month, for a full year, that you can attend free as part of your package, whether you decide to join or not. 
  3. You will also be provided 1 year subscription of, as a free gift to you, which offers a river of inspiring blogs, newsletters, podcasts and video content to inspire and fuel your greatness along the way.
  4. You will receive access to my online video-on-demand course ATTRACT LIKE A MAGNET, where you can watch and complete the course in your own time and own pace, in the comfort of your own place.
  5. I also offer direct access through the month through my specialized text and voice platform, where you can ask me ANY question or gain feedback along the way any day of the week. It's like calling a lifeline on that TV show, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, ... all the time!


How Do I Apply?

I am only taking 10 clients for this next 6 Weeks' Mastermind. If you feel you are the right fit for it, and can commit to 6 weeks of working with Gilli (at least 2 hours a week to focus on the Session and homework), then apply by scheduling the Session and answering the application questions upon scheduling. Tap the SCHEDULE button below.

What else?

Yes, there is a fee to ultimately participate in the 6 Weeks Mastermind. If you're going to invest in yourself, it comes at a price. But I keep my fees down and custom fit to where you are at and where you need to go. The energy exchange also helps me - you guessed it, this is my business. When you apply, you will be scheduling a free clarity call with me where we will discuss all these particulars.  I Also offer a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee. Yes that's right, if you are dissatisfied with any of the mastermind, at all, I refund you 100% of the Investment.

If you want to read or learn more about me watching my videos, rreading my blogs and listening to my podcasts, join for free to get a taste of becoming a Passion Leader. However, by applying for this Mastermind, you not only gain the Velvet Rope access of theCrea8ve (all content, all community), but you have me in your corner with 6 amazing - private - one on one sessions; access to me for questions and feedback any day of the week, the Attract Like A Magnet online course you can feel all my goodness inspiring your passions, resources I frequently share with my community, AND full free access to all my workshops and calls I host every month. 

Once you apply, you will be prompted to schedule your 15 mins Free Clarity Session with me to review your application.

I can't wait to learn about you.

xo, Gilli

PS - Watch Testimonials from my Coaching Clients below:


(Please carefully choose a day and time that you feel you can commit to, and I have a 24-hour cancellation/re-schedule policy please, to keep my time sane and our relationship good.)


Total: Free
Work with Gilli
Stripe payment method
What's Included
A Free Clarity Call with Gilli to assess whether this is a fit for you - and a golden nugget to achieve your goals When We Meet!
6 x private consults/one-on-one Weekly success coaching sessions with Gilli 
 Direct feedback - 24/7 communication for questions and feedback along the way
Achieve Tangible Goals in 6 weeks or less!
BONUS: Free Seat at my monthly hosted online Group Workshops with other passion leaders to fuel your journey for a FULL YEAR 
BONUS: paid subscription to amazing inspiring content, blogs and podcasts for a FULL YEAR 
BONUS: Free to you - Attract Like a Magnet video-on-demand course which you can take in your own time and at your own pace 

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