Parth Acharya

Product @ AWS | Product and Career Management

Product @ AWS | Product and Career Management


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Parth is a tenured product manager with over a decade of experience in managing consumer and enterprise software products across eCommerce, Conversational AI, and Computer Vision domains. During his career as a product manager at Dell, Parth built a patented eCommerce checkout experience for high-volume online sales events such as Black Friday, and eventually got to lead Dell's enterprise eCommerce experience as a group product manager. More recently, Parth owned the end-to-end mobile and voice experiences for Alexa's Smart Home experiences, enabling customers to use simple voice commands to control their smart home appliances. Parth also enabled voice experiences for customers with accessibility needs such as mobility and visual impairment, during his time as a product manager with Alexa smart home. More recently, Parth joined Amazon Web Services as a product manager, and is responsible for Incubating a zero-to-one AI product for media, telecom and sports industries.

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Product manager
Software as a Service
Artificial Intelligence

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