Prerit Uppal

Data Driven Senior Product Manager @ Adobe

Data Driven Senior Product Manager @ Adobe

About Me

Hi, welcome to my studio! As a senior product manager, with eight years of experience in the industry, I have strategically built products such as Yahoo Fantasy sports, Yahoo Nextgen Ad Platform, GE Healthcare Marketplace, and Adobe's fintech platform. As a part of Berkeley MBA coaching program, I have also mentored and assisted many MBA students to transition into product management. While building products or features I think outside the box about target customer segment, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, and innovation. I’m committed to user research, testing ideas, building MVPs and iterating quickly in Lean + Agile fashion. As a firm believer that no one person can build a product, I believe "It takes a village to build a product". As a product leader, I focus on troubleshooting and solving challenging problems by bringing cross-functional teams of all sizes to plan and execute together. Working in tandem with teams such as engineering, design, QA, marketing, sales, legal, finance.

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